Make no mistake, so-called bareboats are comfortable yachts with full amenities. The term bareboat only means that the yacht has no full-time crew. The crews come and go. It's you. And the yacht is yours to go where you want, when you want (all within reason). The quality of the boat, its age and equipment vary per company and location. That is why we're here. As an independent charter agent, we give you unbiased information, make you aware of company, boat and location differences, as well as being a resource for local knowledge. More times than not, our information will save you money than booking directly with the charter company.

Our service: Escape by Sail can assist you with choosing the best values and most appropriate boat and region in which to sail. We do this all at .

What does "at no extra cost" really mean? You could spend more than a day calling half a dozen charter companies or just call us for the information. You could do the leg-work of comparing provisioning options, boat sizes, hotels, and all the rest that comes with planning your travel and charter arrangements (multiplied by 3-20 charter companies) or you just call us. We already know the best values. You could fill out half a dozen charter applications and sailing experience and compatibility profiles. You could do all this work and you would not save a dime over using our services. Hey, we're good at this. Let us do the work and save yourself time and effort!