San Francisco and Monterey Bays

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Monterey Bay Expedition (a 3-day escape)

Sail above the country's most pristine and deepest coastal trench. Enjoy fabulous sights, including deep ocean dolphin, whales, and bird-watching by kayak. Guided by a USCG licensed captain and onboard naturalist.

Santa Cruz Weekly Regatta

Join the Santa Cruz Wednesday night ritual. A spectacular show of spinnakers and drunken sailors. You'll be safe with a licensed captain on a 30-37' comfortable yacht. Departs at 5:30 PM.

Mach 1 to Monterey

Blast across the Monterey Bay on a Santa Cruz 40! In this cherry condition ultra-light, you'll depart from Santa Cruz Harbor for an exhilarating 22 mile trip. Enjoy Monterey for the evening, then spend the night in Monterey. After cappuccino, we'll head back across the bay in the light breeze. This is the perfect time to spot dolphin and whale.

Private Charters and Customized Instruction

Our captains know the boats and sweet spots of the Monterey and San Francisco Bays. We arrange custom charters and tours; San Francisco-Santa Cruz-Monterey for example. Private sailing and navigation lessons are also available upon request. For anyone genuinely interested in sailing and enjoying the central coast, multiple day, captained charters are ideal.

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