Profile of Escape by Sail

From the founder of Escape by Sail
Nearly twenty years ago, I left the Chesapeake and sailed for the Caribbean. I soon found myself living in a small village on Tortola and skippering yachts around the islands. Since then, I've raced, cruised and/or worked on hundreds of boats: ultra-lights, tall-ships, tugs, fishing and diving boats, and a few merchant vessels. I have done passages or lead instructional and leisure escapes throughout the West Indies, in the South Pacific, in the Mediterranean, from Maine to Florida, and from British Columbia to mainland Mexico.

My fascination with the seascapes and cultural diversity of the Caribbean, makes it the cruising area that I return to year after year. And having sailed with more than 7,000 people, I've learned that adventure is only one of the joys. The greatest pleasure is found in sharing the sailing experience. Now, through Escape by Sail, I can continue to offer my cruising knowledge to create exceptional sailing escapes.

-Doug Cleckner, owner/operator

About Our Logo:
The photo you see here hung on my wall for years before becoming Escape by Sail's logo. While anchored in the Grenadines, the crew on the vessel beside us were spinnaker sailing. Imagine a fine yacht, anchored stern-to with a warm breeze lifting a billowing spinnaker and you, quietly, above the crystal Caribbean. I've held this photo of that perfect day for over ten years. It is appropriate for this image to be Escape by Sail's logo. For me, it typifies the graceful power of the wind as well as the enchantment of cruising the islands.

Our Commitments:
We are committed to give our clients the best possible on-the-water experiences, to be sensitive to their needs and dreams, to foster the type of relationships that we would hope from any travel service or tour operator.

We are committed to respect and value our clients as well as our co-workers, travel associates and our community; to be concerned about and contribute to their well-being, and to always operate with integrity.

Beyond Tourism:
Beyond simply promoting tourism, Escape by Sail strives to facilitate a more interactive approach to travel. Escape by Sail incorporates environmental and cultural components to its company led escapes as well as those that we offer through other tour operators. We can provide numerous ways in which to uniquely interact with the world's oceans, marine life, island eco systems, and indigenous cultures. It is our aim to put the wonder back into the lives of those who travel with us.

We encourage you to write us at with comments and suggestions on how to further promote travel that benefits all involved: the traveler, the indigenous cultures, and the natural environment.